Saturday, December 03, 2005

Yeah, right.

You gotta be kidding me. "No bad type?" I don't think so. There is definately some seriously bad type out there.
Ok, fine, I will correct myself here. There are typefaces that are definately better than others, and I guess I won't go as far as to offend those fonts that well... suck. But back to my point of "No bad type", I guess it is usually a case of badly misused type. (But really, some typefaces really do suck). Thank God this chapter went over some typographic ettiquite. We couldn't finish the semseter with all the skills and no license to use them. JK.
I guess because this is my last blog I will sum up what I have learned for the semester.
Before you even attempt to look at a typeface, you need a clear understanding of what the type is going to be used for and who is going to be using it. Remeber this, or all designs will eventually fail.
Using too many type face in one peice can be confusing.
Remember that style comes second, and don't forget about your family!!!!!

Peace out.


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