Saturday, December 03, 2005

Type with Personaliy (looking at type)

Of course we affeccted by type everyday, we just don't always realize it. I love he analogy used in the text that said "No one would use the same shoes to go dancing, run a mile, climb a mountain or walk to the office." Why should we expect that one typeface could work for every occasion? You wouldn't normally wear sneakers at the office, it's just not appropriate.
In order to more closely examine typography, I will further expand on this analogy. When shopping for shoes, there are specification that we consider. We can't just say we are looking for a dress shoe. We need to know whether or not we need a brown or black shoe, a sandal or a pump, a high heel or a flat, etc. The smae holds true when designing a typeface. We need to keep in mind the purpose of the type how it will be used, will it be coupled with a graphic or other type? The questions are endless which is why type designers must be so meticulous and set in the design idea or concept before they begin, while they are working, and even after the work is completed in order to make certain that their goals have been met.


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