Saturday, December 03, 2005

Becoming politically correct

Okay, so apparnetly type is not supposed to be described as normal, useful, beautiful or delicate as I have mistakenly done in the past. Oops. I'm new, what can I say? Anyway, apparently there is a real connection between family and type. Yeah I know. I couldn't beleive it either, but in hindsight, it does make sense. Let's discuss Helvetica. Helvetica is not just one font. Oh no. It's an entire class. Bold, i'll associate this with Dad, gets your attenttion, and holds a sense of power. Condensed, your dorky little brother, is good to use when you are trying to crame a lot of words onto one page. Italic, or oblique, your mother, is feminine, and can also be very intense. All different stles with differnts purposes, but all recognisably one working calss or family. I know it's carzy. Who would thunk it?


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