Monday, October 03, 2005

What is type?

Type, by my own definition, is basic geometric figures and lines that are used in combination with one another in order to create understandable and recognizable forms. The type can be stylized to fit different needs and occasions. I don't really feel that the book gives a very good insight as to what type actually is other than the fact that is almost indentation in every language, and has changed little in terms of style and basic shape in the past century. Although this poster is written in French (lucky me! I can read it!) we are able to view a wide variety of different type faces in different color and styles. This is an example from my last entry where I made the statement that we do not NEED type to communicate, but type can define itself if used appropriately. Streching out a word such as dynamic or in this case dynamicus, actually conveys the literal meaning of the word to the reader. (If that made sense Anyway, like I was saying before this chapter held no real interest for me so I'm moving on.


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