Monday, August 29, 2005

In this image i think that the type is ok, but the images and clutter around the type is what makes this a bad example of typography. The space in the middle of the clutter is not large enough to make the type stand out. I had trouble reading it, and the letters themselves are to tall and narrow for someone who is not directly in front of the peice to read.

I feel that this first image is a great example of type. The words do not contain sarrifs and are easy to read. I love the effect that is created by setting the type on a black background. It makes the image created by the different tones in the type more visible and the white type stands out.


Blogger The Design Professor said...

Looks great kelly! Nice work! If you have one too many posts you can go into your “posting” screen and delete one of them.


6:37 AM  
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